Get Involved

Wondering how you can get involved with re:Creative and sustainable art? Keep reading for a list of ideas!

Become a Member

Becoming a member is a great way to support re:Creative. Members have access to a free gift from each on of our pop-ups, as well as access to exclusive member deals. Members can opt-in to our mailing list for updates on the future of re:Creative and special items/events. Pricing is donation based (suggested donation 5-20$). A monthly membership can be purchased at any in-person location. Check the calendar to see where we'll be next!

Make a Donation

Donations (big or small) are crucial to us at re:Creative and help pay for all sorts of things, including storage fees, pop-up costs, and the labor involved in running programs like this one. Learn more about donating by clicking here.


If you're interested in volunteering your time at re:Creative, click here to check on volunteering opportunities.

Get involved with sustainable art at home

None of these ideas working for you at the moment? Perhaps you're itching to see us, but our next pop-up is a ways away. Perhaps you wish you could donate, but it isn't presently financially possible for you. The great thing about the sustainable art movement is you can probably get involved right now, with things you already have! Try taking a look around and get creative! You can also try googling "sustainable crafts" or "creative reuse projects". We'd love to hear more about your creations at

updates coming soon...